Tonnetta Walcot

Tonnetta Walcott, who is a San Diego State University English graduate, is a writer, podcaster, and gamer who is passionate about video games and technology. During her time at San Diego State University, Tonnetta has led a Digital Humanities project in which over 500 students participated. She has also visited Sony Online Entertainment which sparked her interest in Computer Science and has interviewed author Jonathan Maberry in the past who has written for Marvel comics. Tonnetta was also the co-host of the NerdLounge Podcast in which they would have discussions about gaming, anime, cosplay, or other social topics within the nerd community. Tonnetta’s favorite video game is Tekken in which she plays competitively under the gamer name “Teelee” and wishes to play on a professional level after placing 25th out of 131 people at San Diego’s 2023 DreamHack Tekken tournament. After visiting Sony Online Entertainment for the first time and offered an internship, Tonnetta became knowledgeable about computer programming and web development and is skilled in Java, C++, mobile programming, and game development specifically using the engines Unity and Godot. If she is not gaming, she is designing apps for people to enjoy.Tonnetta is also a Twitch streamer and affiliate, as she chats with viewers and enjoys streaming a variety of games, especially Tekken. Her dream is to help the gaming community grow, serve as a mental health advocate,  and inspire others including herself to pursue gaming and programming careers. Hopefully, Tonnetta will be seen in the Esports industry.  For now, she is sharing her knowledge of gaming and technology with Redination and make a impact in the world.